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Technology can make our lives more rewarding, convenient, and fun. But getting it to work - and work together - is seldom easy. We offer a full range of integrated services to handle even the most complex tasks.


Computer Training & Consulting

Is your PC starting to get a little creaky? Running out of space on your hard drive? Unable to run the latest applications? Whatever it is, we can help.

And we can teach you how to do it, too. Learn how to safely and confidently install and remove software, perform common system maintenance tasks, and even upgrade your PC. We're here to answer your questions.


Fast Internet Access

Cable? DSL? Satellite? They're all much faster than a standard modem, but which is best? Which are available in your area? And which will meet your particular home business or personal needs?

Finding the answers to these questions can be a frustrating and time consuming task. And proper installation and configuration can be tricky. Let us do the work for you! You'll be enjoying a speedy Internet connection in no time.


Home Automation and Security

We can give you centralized and automatic control of lighting and many household appliances. Motion controlled security and room lighting, wireless video cameras, and even remote control via telephone can make your home a better and safer place to live.

Cut down on electrical bills and make your life more convenient. It's easier and less expensive than you think!


Home Entertainment

We can help you make the most of your entertainment budget. Let us help you design and install your home theater, surround sound, digital satellite, and cable TV systems. 

We can even integrate your home computer and video game consoles!


Home Networks

Build a home network to bring the data where you need it. We have a wide range of experience running network cabling in both old and new construction.

Share printers, exchange files between your machines, and even enjoy the latest mutliplayer games.

High quality cable, jacks, and connectors and professional wiring techniques will save you time, money, and frustration.