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About H&B


H&B offers a full range of integrated and flexible services. We will bring you the benefits of technology while allowing your business to stay concentrated on doing business.


Computer Training and Consulting

New products and technologies are appearing every day, and many of these might be vital to your business now or in the future.

We can show you and your employees how to perform the tasks you need to keep your business running smoothly. Run the technology - don't let it run you.


Web Site Consulting and Design

It's never been cheaper or easier to set up a web site. Use the web to gain new customers and improve communication with existing customers. We offer a full range of e-commerce options including database integration and customized shopping cart configurations. 

Or we can work with you to create private intranet to give your employees the tools they need to work together better.


Broadband Service Consulting and Integration

Cable, DSL, wireless, terrestrial, satellite. All broadband technologies are a careful balancing act between speed, availability, quality of service, and cost. 

We'll help you choose the services and options that fit your needs and fit your business. And we'll help you do it safely and securely.


Network Consulting and Installation

Send faxes from the desktop, create a Virtual Private Network to allow your employees to work from anywhere without compromising security.  Let us show you how a network can make life easier for you and your employees. 

Whether you're upgrading an existing network or are starting fresh, we can help. From switches to jacks, we bring years of experience to make the complex choices simple.



Bring the data where you need it. We have a wide range of experience running network and telco cabling in both old and new construction.

High quality cable, jacks, and connectors and professional wiring techniques will save you time, money, and frustration.


Security Consulting and Installation

Keep your business and employees safe. 

We can help you design and install standard security systems, video camera monitoring and recording systems, and environmental security packages.